Success Stories

Preparing for a lifetime of success

Every Honors student has a different definition of success and a personal story to tell. Our students come from a variety of academic programs, which provide unique opportunities and achievements. They graduate with curricular and co-curricular experiences that create stories of triumphs and rigor.

Embracing cultures

Ibrahim Khan

Khan’s passion for science and interest in medical school led him to study abroad in Japan, where he and other IUPUI students experienced health care facilities in a diverse culture. Their trip included a stop at a nursing home in Hiroshima.

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Becoming involved

Abigail Hadley

As a freshman, Hadley was a mentee in the Honors College Peer Mentor program, in which current mentors welcome first-year students to the college, help them build networks, and serve as guides through the first year of college.

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Finding a purpose

Joseph Boone

In addition to multiple internships, this biology major's research experience started in a freshman Honors Biology lab, where he and classmates worked to identify whether flies were male or female by studying the insects’ DNA.

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