Service Learning

Transform your community through service

Living and studying in an urban environment means our scholars have unique chances to get involved and make a difference on campus and in the surrounding communities. Honors scholars develop a civic mind through service events, courses, student organizations, and other opportunities. They create an environment that fosters and celebrates service.

To learn how you can get involved in service learning opportunities, contact Assistant Director Kara Woodlee.

Find ways to serve

The Center for Service & Learning (CSL) helps to bring together the citizens of Indianapolis and the students, faculty, and staff at IUPUI to improve people’s lives locally and beyond. Find ways to serve your community including a list of current campuswide service events through resources provided by CSL.

Service learning courses

Students participate in activities that meet identified community needs, then reflect on the activities to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of service, and an enhanced sense of personal values and civic responsibility.

Student service organizations

You can join the Honors College student service organization, Academics for Civic Engagement (ACE), which partners with organizations in the Indianapolis community to plan monthly volunteer opportunities. You also can engage with service organizations on the IUPUI campus at large.

Explore student service organizations