Honors College supports students through COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has strained the way we all live and learn. This has caused things to change in the Honors College. Masks are being enforced, students are checking in and out to make sure we keep an eye on capacity, the candy jar is no longer available, and Honors staff continue to meet with students virtually to ensure everyone’s safety.

This has not stopped the Honors College from focusing on the Honors students and strengthening the Honors community. The students have come together to organize multiple virtual events. They started by organizing the virtual Honors Open House then started to plan other events like movie nights, trivia nights, a talent contest, yoga, and more!

The Honors staff continues to support the Honors students during this difficult time. Many students are facing unexpected emergencies, from food and housing uncertainty to technology needs and medical expenses. In addition to many classes moving online, the Honors College is providing all student services from advising to peer mentoring virtually. The Honors staff is still concerned about the students as they struggle with managing online and hybrid classes, physical and mental health challenges, and the ability to meet daily living expenses.

New Emergency Fund supports students in financial distress

The Honors College has recently created an Emergency Fund as part of our Honors College Scholarship Fund. This resource provides immediate, much-needed assistance to our students in sudden financial distress.

If you would like to make a gift, you can do so here. A contribution of $20 will pay for one month of internet access; $40 will buy a tank of gas so a student can get to and from work. A gift of $100 will ensure that a student can keep the electricity on in their home. For $200 a student can purchase a Chromebook on which they can complete online coursework and access Honors College services.

Additionally, some Honors students have lost opportunities for planned engaged learning experiences, such as internships, professional development opportunities, and volunteer sites. If you or your organization may be able to provide an opportunity for an Honors student to continue their learning journey, whether in-person or virtually, that would be sincerely appreciated. Let us know about these opportunities.

If you know of an Honors student who is experiencing sudden financial hardship, please direct them to this website, where they can find the resources they need to seek help.

Support students in need

Contribute to the Emergency Fund